Intelligent POS solutions

Whether it is a zoo, theater, golf club, shop, canteen, restaurant, café, restaurant or discotheque: there is always a tailor-made solution that meets your needs! For all retailers, catering companies, retailers and hospitality owners: use a point-of-sale cash register system that can do more than just process transactions.

We offer 3 software packages: AlfaRetail, AlfaTouch and IntelliPos, depending on the application and / or the size of the company, always using an intelligent back-office. This way you can avoid a lot of unnecessary actions at the checkout. Important with POS software is the speed of the software, the cloud reporting and the customer experience.

Our POS system (POS) offers everything you need to run a successful business, such as: online accounting integration, full inventory management, detailed reporting, advanced purchasing system and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Are you opening a store or restaurant for the first time? Or do you want to expand your current business? Discover how IntelliPOS for Retail and Hospitality facilitates your work and makes your business results grow.

 Wireless ordering via Orderman

Ordering wirelessly via AlfaTouch is the simplicity itself, very fast and reliable. The operation and the possibilities are completely the same as the fixed cash register. Training is unnecessary too. With AlfaTouch and Orderman you have a fast and reliable data transfer. Moreover, the wireless solution from AlfaTouch is not only the fastest in the market but also the most reliable.


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