, the specialist in innovative tailor-made payment solutions. is the specialist in innovative tailor-made solutions with regard to automatic payment systems, document management, invoicing and certificates, registration, attendance registration, access control, automatic invoicing, automatic sending of e-mails, online reservations, online ordering systems, automatic system specific tailored for of the care of children,…

Cash means unnecessary risks, extra costs and especially extra work. As a solution, offers a cashless payment system that allows users to do payments with electronic money on their personal card. raster

Ping.Ping benefits


No more cash needed

Because everything can be paid for via the Ping.Ping card, there is much less cash in circulation.


Online sales overview

Ping.Ping gives you a clear overview of all sales, which means added value for yourself and your users.


Very fast payments

Ping.Ping makes it possible to make payments very quickly and thus avoids waiting times.


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