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Are you looking for a simple and secure webpayment solution?

One of the key elements for developing e-commerce is undoubtedly the ability to offer your customers secure, fast and user-friendly solutions.

With our PingPing solutions for online payments, we meet these criteria perfectly:

  • Secure: no confidential data is transmitted over the Internet, since the mobile number linked to the PingPing account acts as a signature.
  • Fast: a payment takes less than five seconds to carry out.
  • User-friendly: a click with the mouse and a text message and it’s done! 

Our solution consists of two distinct offers:

  • one for sites offering digital content or services;
  • the other for sites offering physical products and services.

This distinction takes into account the specific nature of these markets and consumer habits as well as the solutions proposed.

Technical integration:

To make the integration of the PingPing solution on your website as easy as possible, two solutions are proposed:

  • Direct integration of the PingPing pay button via an API
    If you would like the technical documentation on this, please contact us at:
  • Activation of the PingPing pay button through our partner Ogone
    If you are already an Ogone customer you can request this via your Ogone customer account. If you are not yet an Ogone customer, click here.

Whichever technical solution you choose, it has no influence on the price we propose.

Service for vendors + reporting

The service for vendors and the reporting differ depending on the integration solution you have chosen.

  • Direct: online self-support + monthly reporting via Tunz.
  • Via Ogone: you benefit from the support and reporting included in your Ogone subscription.


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